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-We service branding needs from scratch or improve on an existing brand look. We help clients in this by giving the business unified themed look, starting from their logo to collaterals like their business cards and brochures to their website and advertising materials. The importang thing is the brand is recognized, recalled and patronized.


-Operating in a fast-paced world necessitates businesses to be on their toes in terms of promoting themselves. We help clients promote their businesses through various media platforms. Our team of experienced multi media specialist delivers exciting and unique outputs that aid in the promotion of the business.


-Ekulogic provides expert services in corporate communication and PR wide. Strategic communication as part of your marketing plan means you speak directly to your target audience, in a way that makes them receptive to your key messages. Whether you want to make a big impression on a wide audience, or communicate an internal business matter clearly and effectively, we can help you find the right words and right way to convey them.


-The client's image is our concern. Ekulogic promotes clients and make them seem as successful, relevant, exciting and valuable to their targets as possible. This is achieved through careful analysis and interpretation of issues that impact the client's present business situation and a creation of an appropriate plan to meet the client's goals.


-Ekulogic provides "DIGITAL MARKETING" solution with deep experience in all media and aspects of marketing. Our in-house market research capabilities enable us to advise and guide our clients to achieve success more efficiently that trial and error methods

as a creative advertising and marketing agency we help our client maximize all online and offline media opportunities to optimize business growth.


-If you are looking to sell products, keep your clients updated with latest events, or if you just need a simple website about your company, we have you covered.

We also provive the latest in mobile technology, which allows you to reach your customers when they're on the go.


-Ekulogic considers each project as novel and unique and tailor-fits each element involved in the event being planned. Concepts are carefully planned and evaluated to ensure a seamless execution.

We have event managers and supervisors whose extensive experience in running conventions, conferences and company parties guarantee the success of each event. Our partners in the lights and sounds industry, stage setting, and design and production management make our events very memorable.


-When it comes to graphic design, Ekulogic can tackle anything and everything. Some of our most popular services include logos, posters, billboards, and letterhead.

Ekulogic can also supply items that your company may need. Be it souvenirs for events, company brochures, posters, tarpaulins, signages, props or booths, we can help you create good looking, practical solutions to your requirements.

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