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Ekulogic Inc. is a marketing and communications group that offers a full line of services related to branding, advertising, public relations, market research, digital marketing, design, and event management.

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Ekulogic provide services that help bring out a client's good points through a well thought out campaign that would lead to the achievement of the campaign's goal. From inception to executio of a personalized program, our clients are assured of our commitment to deliver what is necessary and even more.


Realizing that the demand for more personalized marketing strategies is on the rise, Ekulogic aims to present to its client a more targeted, carefull strategized plan of action to bring about a positive output to our proposals.

Our team of dedicated, driven professionals collectively focuses on delivering results through an integrated approach, using effective marketing and public relation campaign, specifically designed to meet client goals.

We are transparent in our objectives, keeping in mind that our relationship with our clients is forged out of the trust and confidence we accord each other. Clear lines and open communication are our trademarks, resulting to well-aligned goals and achieved targets.

We make our client's goals our own and aim to deliver the minutest detail of our agreement. By claiming ownership to our work, we give the assurance that we are in it 100%. nothing less.

Our Greatful Clients

Frank's Co.
Frank's Co.

We are open and transparent about the work we do and how we do it.

Retro Beats
Retro Beats

We commit to achieving demonstrable impact for our stakeholders.


We are awed by human resilience, and believe in the ability of all people to thrive.

Retro Press
Retro Press

We believe that all people have the right to live in peaceful communities.

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